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Don’t Grow For Your Own Glory

Jun 20

A little over a week ago Adam and I had the great pleasure of attending a workshop by the one and only Katelyn James Photography and Amy and Jordan Photography! To say I was excited is the understatement of the year. I literally started squealing and bouncing in my seat as soon as we pulled into the parking lot! These are people that I have followed, admired and respected for SO long! After five years and 100+ weddings, this was also our very first time attending any type of workshop and we learned SO, SO much!

We went with the expectation of learning blogging and social media techniques for our business and ending up leaving with our hearts changed and a new purpose for our business. Can I get an AMEN!?

 These three are so inspirational! FYI, this is just a phone picture ; ) 

These three are so inspirational! FYI, this is just a phone picture ; ) 

If you could only know one thing about Adam and I is that we are Christ followers and we try to live our lives with Him in mind. Our prayer is that everything we do would glorify Jesus. Often times it’s easy to lose sight of that in the business of the wedding industry. It’s hard to see how simply just taking pictures is going to make an impact on the Kingdom of Heaven but boy do we have a new perspective now!

Our hearts are for you guys! Every single time a couple books us to photograph their wedding I am seriously humbled. The fact that they have taken their hard earned money and trusted us to capture their love and commitment they are making to one another blows me away! Every single wedding and engagement session I challenge myself to do better than the last because our couples deserve the best!

There were so many takeaways and life changing moments (because it’s not just business to us, it is so personal). The two biggest challenges we took away were,

Use your influence and don’t grow for your own glory.

With all of that being said we are going to try to use our influence to the best of our ability. The first, small step is going to be by blogging more! That’s right, I said it! We are going to try our very, darn hardest to blog on a regular basis! I’m not promising that they will all be masterpieces or that we won’t get behind at times but we will do our best! Blogging is a HUGE challenge for us. Neither one of us are writers, and my grammar may stink but we are up for the challenge!

We plan on blogging sessions and weddings, bits of our personal lives, and maybe even some helpful fun-fact photography blogs here and there.

We would love to hear from you! What would you like to see on the blog!? Are you a bride planning your wedding and you want tips on choosing the right photographer, venue, or time of day to have your ceremony? Tell us!

Are you an aspiring or seasoned photographer and want some business tips or shooting tips? Tell us!

We are so excited to implement changes into our business and this is one small step!
We would love for you to join the journey!

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