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Oliver Lawrence Mullins // A Sappy Mom Post #2

May 15

Where do I even begin? I cannot express how much it breaks my heart that this sweet baby boy has turned one. This little bundle of pure joy and snuggliness. This last year has flown by. I tried to soak in every single moment and to remember every little sweet baby sound and smell and snuggle.
My pregnancy with Ollie was everything Jax’s pregnancy was not (Read Jax’s blog post here). I was determined to soak in every single moment from beginning to end. I had more of a normal season with Ollie to really enjoy and relish in the fact that a new little life was about to join our family. He was a little puzzle piece I had known was missing from our family.
From the time Jax was almost one I was ready for Ollie. I knew I didn’t want them far a part in age. Aubri and Deitrich are so close in age I wanted that for Jax as well but the timing was never quite right (Is there ever a perfect timing though!?) It wasn’t until Jax was about two and a half that we decided it was time. We had to time it just right so I wouldn’t have to be out during wedding season. We gave ourselves three months to get pregnant so he would be born mid winter. After the giant surprise Jax was I didn’t think this would be a problem but the end of that three months came and we didn’t get pregnant. I was so sad at the thoughts of having to wait another year to try and fill in that little missing puzzle piece and that Jax would be that much older than his next sibling. 
Fast forward several months and I remember being out with a girl friend and saying, I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant. I just feel pregnant and I’m not sure what we will do if I am. I stopped by the store on the way home to buy a test, headed straight for the bathroom when I got home that little pink plus sign showed up immediately. I was this crazy mixture of so, so, so happy and excited and terrified as to what this would do to our business. I wish I had not spent so much time worrying over it because God knew exactly what he was doing. He brought the most amazing people into our lives so I could have five weeks at home with Ollie. Not only did everything go perfectly but it was so good for us and our business to stretch and grow like that. 
Towards the end of my pregnancy I remember feeling like I was dying. I was in so much pain all the time, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was SO much more uncomfortable than I was with Jax. I did everything I could think of to get that baby out but nothing worked! My due date came and went and still no Ollie. I was so depressed laying around waiting for this baby to come. 
After spending the week wallowing around I think Adam realized if he didn’t do something I was going to loose it! He called up his parents to come watch the kids so we could go out. We went to Outback Steakhouse, which was such a random, out of the ordinary choice for us and while I was eating my blooming onion I started to feel contractions. I didn’t say anything at first because I didn’t want to jinx it. After dinner we headed to the mall to see a movie but the contractions were getting worse and I was too uncomfortable to sit that long so we walked around the mall and Lowes for awhile before heading home. By the time we got home the contractions had slowed and I was feeling normal again. Cue the tears. I went to bed that evening feeling pretty certain he was going to stay in there forever. I was so restless all evening and I remember feeling so itchy like I was having an allergic reaction to something. Finally I decided to take some Benadryl so I could rest. I never ever take Benadryl because it makes me so tired and I end up sleeping for a solid day anytime I take it. About 30 – 40 minutes after taking it I finally start to relax and doze off and as soon as I start to fall asleep my water breaks with fury! There was no denying that this baby was finally coming! I was able to stay home until around 10:30 or 11:00 that morning. We headed to the hospital and that sweet baby boy was born that evening. A short sixteen hours of labor in comparison to the twenty six with Jax. 
Ollie was born in is own timing on May 6, 2016, weighing in at 11 lbs. and 1 oz. 
This sweet baby boy has brought so much joy into our lives. He is probably the most loved baby on the planet. Jax transitioned into the roll of big brother like it was what he was born to do. The kid never has to do anything for himself with two big brothers and a big sister always around. He heads straight for their room in the morning when he wakes up. He loves to give the best snuggles to Mommy and Daddy and is filled with SO much joy. He lights up a room with his sweet smile and snuggles. 
Ollie, I thank the Lord all the time that he knew what he was doing with you. He brought you into our lives in His perfect timing, not ours. You are SO, SO loved. I pray that the joy you have today continues throughout your life and that you continue to bring that joy into other people’s lives. You were the baby that I dreamed about and planned for. I have soaked up every single day with you and have begged time to slow down and keep you my baby. While I know time will do what it does and you will grow up you will always be my sweet squishy baby boy. 

Love, Mommy and Daddy <3  

Keeping her title as the only princess of the house! 

Last photo shoot while pregnant! 

Adam was able to cut the cord! Our sweet nurse took some pictures for us. 

Fresh home from the hospital on Mothers Day! 

These next few pictures were taken by the insanely talented Michela of Michela Brooke Photography! She also did our family session this past week to celebrate Ollie’s first birthday! 

So thankful for this group of talented people. They stepped up in such a huge way and helped out while I was on maternity leave! 

9 Month photos by Sherry Conrad Photography! 

Love these people so much. They are the ones we do life with, our tribe, our #framily 

This last photo is from our family session/Ollie’s one year session with Michela Brooke Photography <3 

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    we found your post today and were so happy to read you blog and to see all the pictures. we pray for you and your family everyday and we are looking forward to the day we will meet you and your family. we send our love to you all of your family. dot and ben

  2. says:

    we found your post today and were so happy to read you blog and to see all the pictures. we pray for you and your family everyday and we are looking forward to the day we will meet you and your family. we send our love to you all of your family. dot and ben

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