We are a wedding photography duo based in central Virginia. Here’s our latest work along with educational content for fellow photographers. We hope you like what you see and we’d love for you to pop in and say hello!




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Family formals used to be one of the most stressful parts of a wedding day for us. We were overwhelmed with all the aunts that wanted “just one more quick picture” and the half step uncle twice removed trying to take the exact same photo we were taking over our shoulder with an Ipad. We […]

Have you ever been shooting a wedding where things were running behind or the weather was gross?? If you have been lucky enough to avoid the above scenario, there will come a day where you get next to no quality time for portraits and have to get creative. First, let me make it clear that […]

I really love shooting film, you should too. Here are 4 reasons why.  First, I am NOT a film expert. I would not even consider myself a film photographer. However, I have shot some sessions entirely on film with good results and I learned film photography in the 90s… So I guess that counts?? Because […]

Macro, micro, close up, or whatever you want to call it, it’s a type of photography that almost everyone has experimented with at least once. Rather on your phone or with your fancy pants camera, pretty much everyone has tried to take a picture of a bug before. Macro photography is where you capture a […]

Lens choice is incredibly important, some would argue even more important than a camera body. A lens can enable a photographer to get close images of a faraway subject, or shoot in extremely dark locations. A good lens can be the difference in getting the shot and missing it completely. There are many factors to […]

JPGs are a smaller file size, meaning they read and write to memory cards faster and take up less space. They are the most common file type for images and every image program can read them. You can adjust your JPG settings (before you take the picture) to make them have higher or lower contrast, […]

Memory cards play a HUGE roll in photography. You HAVE to have them! The question is, do you value them? Do you know why you should value them? Let me show you why a memory card is so important and why you shouldn’t skimp when buying them. The first and usually the biggest and most […]

The great debate. Nikon vs. Canon. I attempt to tackle this topic as clearly as possible. I even went over to Lynchburg Photoworks to see if Rob could help me answer the question.Short answer. There is not a huge difference in image quality. It doesn’t matter, just get Nikon or Canon and that’s it 🙂Long […]

Jon and Marissa’s fun loving personalities and warmth are literally contagious!! We absolutely adored working with them and it was so much fun. They were laughing and giggling the whole time! It was a blast. This engagement session was in Downtown Lynchburg, VA, and we could not have had a better time. 

We had a blast at Cole’s senior session! Not only was it in a gorgeous field setting, but we loved being able to incorporate all of Cole’s favorite things! He loves his old truck and he loves hunting. His dogs we so cute! It was so much fun getting to know Cole and his mom, […]

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