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Is Nikon’s new Z6 & Z7 a mirrorless camera game changer??

Aug 29


Nikon announced their Z6 and Z7 cameras this week and I’m pretty excited… I think. This isn’t the first time they have produced a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and it’s not the first time they have made full frame cameras, but it IS this the first time they have combined them. Mirrorless cameras don’t have a mirror (get it? mirrorless…) Because of the lack of a mirror, the camera can be smaller, but at a cost… here are some reasons why (and why not) mirrorless cameras will disrupt the professional photography industry.



1. With no mirror… or optical view finder / prism the camera can be smaller and lighter but the camera must be powered on to look through the view finder. Think about your current DSLR, you look through the view finder and a collection of prisms and mirrors bounce and bend the light from the lens to your eye, no battery needed. With a mirrorless camera, power is supplied to the sensor and the electronic view finder (screen) every time you want to take a picture…. so that means it uses a lot more battery. With my D750, I can shoot for 10 hours and not even use one battery…. not the case with mirrorless cameras (ask a videographer) 

2. Electronic view finders read exactly what the sensor is seeing and send that image to a tiny screen in the viewfinder, so what you see in your viewfinder is what your picture will look like. This means there will be much less guessing and checking and more “keepers.”

3. This last part is about the Nikon Z6 and Z7 specifically. They are FULL FRAME which is a BIG deal (if you don’t know why, watch the video above) Also, the Autofocus points cover 90% of the image… awesome!! AND there are a ton of function buttons that can be programed however you want! There’s more, it has 5-axis image stabilization which means you can shoot at slower shutter speeds and shoot smoother video. The Z6 will be around $2000 and with a $100 adapter, I can use all my F-mount lenses (which kind of defeats the point of a small camera) These cameras are aimed at the professional photographer and I cant wait to get my hands on one!! 

Let me know what questions you have about mirrorless cameras and if you plan on getting one. Also, what else do you want to know? What do you struggle with? Want me to make a video or a how to? Thanks for following along, make sure and check us out on Instagram, Youtube, and sign up for our FREE emails! 

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